Governance of agriculture and food security

The discovery of vast quantities of oil, gas and other mineral resources within the East African Community presents a tremendous opportunity for addressing each of the member states to tackle the pressing problems of poverty, burgeoning youth unemployment and generally economic underdevelopment.

Yet, the rush for mineral wealth could also significantly alter the landscape of governance and human rights in the light of the potential land grabs and incomplete democratic transitions across the sub region.

The strategic minerals and land governance program will focus on enhancing understanding and learning on good practices in strategic minerals and land governance.

An East African Community-wide study group will lead the development of analytical tools and score card for conducting a biennial strategic minerals and land governance assessment and publishing a biennial report. The scorecard will focus on the implementation of the relevant provisions of Article of 114 of the EAC Treaty and the African Mining vision by tracking good practices in policy, legislation, contract transparency, revenue governance, benefit sharing and taxation regimes, among other issues.