BRICS in East Africa

The influence of BRICS Group of countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in East Africa has been growing tremendously over the last decade.

For example, China’s footprints in the energy and transport infrastructure sector are evidence. South Africa’s business reach in these countries and partnerships in science and technology policy could redefine the development trajectory of the EAC Partner States. And so is the growing influence of India, Brazil and Russia.

The bulk of the empirical policy work on the nature of engagement of the BRICS in the EAC is undertaken by national focused think tanks for individual countries and international think tanks.

The goal of the GLISS BRICS in East Africa Program is to ensure systematic policy research and advocacy work on the impact of this engagement on development policy and governance in the EAC.

GLISS study team on BRICS in the EAC will focus on tracking the investment policies and investments of the BRICS group of countries in East Africa and their implications for inclusive economic development and governance.

GLISS will also develop modalities for convening a regular EACBRICS Annual Policy Round Table bringing together policy makers and practitioners from EAC and BRICS.